About Us

Crackers in a nutshell

OK - so you’re a small business and you’re working like crazy in the business and then along comes the “Advertising stuff” with your website, your social media platforms and all the modern “blah blah blah” that needs to be done, just to survive.

Not only do you have to become this “Mini Madman” who creates content, taking photos and writing interesting “stuff”, you also have to coordinate the communications between your social media platforms and your website in a way that is just too hard to think about sometimes.

Simply put the advertising can be another job on top of your job. And all too often it happens in fits and starts without any real understanding of what’s going on and what its true value is.

This is where we can help because we know this job. We bring years of experience in advertising to your business with communication plans and creative content that can be sized small, medium or large.

We’re honest, down to earth and whilst we can do websites, we won’t try to sell you one just for the sake of it. We’ll make it easier for your business to have a properly maintained, creative, well-coordinated communications plan that suits your budget and your business.

Crackers a new type of advertising agency set up to help small businesses navigate the confusing ever-changing world of advertising.

Paul Tilley

Founder & Creative Director

Paul is an advertising creative director with over 25 years experience. He's lead large agencies in traditional and digital advertising. He will put all of his experience behind your small business, so it can grow into a large one.

He has a small core team of contractors and a wider network of industry professionals who can be called upon, when the need arises. In short Paul knows the advertising stuff small businesses need to flourish in these modern times. He'll help you set things up, come up with a plan and execute it all within a budget you can afford.

If you'd like to see Paul's past work please visit his website: