The Work

Speed Gas Hotrod & Custom Auto Expo 2017

A sell-out for Speed Gas

The guys at Speed Gas decided to go to the Hotrod & Custom Auto Expo but with only 225 followers on Facebook they were surprised when we suggested a Facebook campaign leading up to the show.

With less than $50 media money we reached an audience of over 6500+ people. The best thing is all of those people were already interested in cars and welding supplies so we only spoke to people who wanted to hear.

The stand sold out in less than half a day. They had to resupply for day two and received orders well beyond the event.

This is a simple example of targeted advertising through the right social media that worked extremely well.

Will they be back next year?  Absolutely!!!

Car Lovers Detail Plus

Let it shine

Sometimes cheap & simple is best. The guys at Car Lovers have a number of things planned in the future but in the meantime needed something to simulate prospective customers.

What better than showing what they do best? A simple series of branded images revealing the amazing finishes they can get on any car from top of the range Porsches and Mustangs to Older Jag’s and flatbed Utes! Even without putting any media money behind them they got more customers coming through the doors.

Speed Gas

A new Logo

Although we’ve done massive jobs in past lives, sometimes it’s the small obvious things that really need to be done, with as little fuss as possible.

As part of our initial assessment with Speed Gas it was felt that the original logo, whilst strong was a little too busy. So we cut back on the colour scheme and the number of elements and evolved it into it’s new form.

This was done in such a way that it could easily sit beside the old logo as we slowly rolled in the new one.

It was an evolution not a revolution.